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Global launch of eyrise® i350 invisible privacy glazing– discover its role in workplace innovation


Thursday 11 March 2021 at 14:00h CET

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Discover the role of invisible privacy glazing in workplace innovation

Are you curious how your workplace will look like in the near future? Which working models will we embrace and enjoy?

How can your office, laboratory, research center, meeting place become an efficient and inviting work environment? Are the needs of millennials, generation X and baby boomers the same? What is the role of technologies like dynamic liquid crystal glazing in architecture and interior design? ​

The eyrise® team went out to investigate and talked to experts in the field. Join and watch with us what we discovered


The story about dynamic windows in an extraordinary landmark

Are you curious about how one of the last designs from Oscar Niemeyer became reality?

Found out more about this wonderful creation in Leipzig, including eyrise® dynamic solar shading windows.

Follow the conversation Johanna Batista had with Ludwig Koehne – owner of Kirow-Ardelt, Kai Beckmann – CEO of Merck Performance Materials, Harald Kern – executing architect of the Niemeyer Sphere
and Jair Valera – right hand of Oscar Niemeyer.

Enjoy a final show where the Art of Dancing meets the Art of Architecture!

Watch the full replay here.